The Firm

VVC Realinfra Private Limited Formerly known as V.V. CONSTRUCTION is a Private Limited Company Incorporated underPart IX of the Companies Act, 1956 (No.1 of 1956) with effect from 01.04.2013. With the takeover of all the Assets and Liabilities of the firm M/s. V.V. CONSTRUCTION by the Company. Initially the firm was running the Business with four Partners.

Project Profile

The Partnership firm has come into existence on 28.06.2006. Subsequently the partnership has been changed with the addition of Four new partners on 13.03.2013. The company has come into existence on 01.04.2013 with Eight Directors and all these Eight Directors were the partners of M/s. V.V. Construction.

37 Projects

Since Our Inception in June 2006

Our Work

Our Vision

VVC Realinfra Pvt Ltd., has come a long way, with a small beginning to become one of the fastest growing company in Madhya Pradesh which is engaged in Roads, Bridges, Civil & Structural works, Building works at various locations in India.

VVC has sufficient Manpower Resources in the field of Engineering & Administration. For the execution of all types of work, we have ample manpower. We are increasing the manpower as per the site requirement from time to time. VVC Realinfra Pvt Ltd., has a talented work force of about 400 people who hold a good experience in the field of Construction.